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The Business Track is an intense 8-week program that provides first-time entrepreneurs and career changers with the tips and tricks needed for building a lean startup. This program focuses on what’s essential to you in the first five months of your startup journey, covering topics from incorporating your business, to acquiring your first customer.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding and implementing the fundamentals of the lean methodology
  • Learning the step-by-step guide of operating a small tech-based business
  • Implementing tips and tricks for multi-channel distribution with minimal resources


The lectures will run from October 15, 2013 to December 5th, 2013 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm at Launch Academy, 300-128 W. Hastings, Vancouver.


Tuition is $1000 (Early Bird) or $1500 (Regular) and will include:
  • 8 weeks of office space at Launch Academy
  • 14 sessions with the best startup minds Vancouver has to offer
  • Tonnes of startup perks like $1000 worth of Amazon Web Services credits and $5820 in Windows Azure credits
  • The Ultimate Startup Kit
  • Access to our partners’ events for free or at a discounted price
  • Access to Launch Academy mentors
  • Access to Launch Academy’s monthly social events
  • *Only 21 spots available

    *The deadline for Early Bird Pricing is October 4th, 2013

    • Fundamentals Of The Lean Methodology with Bernd Petak

      • Intro To The Lean Methodology
      • Hypothesis Testing And Validation
      • Innovation Accounting
      • What Is An MVP?
      • How To Make Good Lean Business Decisions

      Legal 101 For Tech Startups with Brock Smith

      • How Do I Incorporate?
      • Dividing The Ownership Pie
      • Vesting And Buy-Back Rights
      • Shareholder Agreements
      • Valuing Founders’ Shares
      • Board Of Directors And Advisor Agreement
    • F*ck Cold Calls, Generate Your Own Leads with Collin Stewart

      • Getting Set Up With The Best Sales Tools
      • Defining Your Sales Process
      • Defining Your Ideal Customer Profile
      • Finding A Free List Of Customers
      • How To Prospect Using Email

      Talking To Customers: How To Avoid Selling Like A Used Car Salesman with Collin Stewart

      • How To Structure Your Meeting Or Call
      • Interpreting Customer-Speak
      • How To Get To A Point Of Mutual Understanding
      • What To Do Next
    • Startup Financing: IRAP And Other Sources with Rizwan Kheraj

      • Why Do You Need the Money?
      • Financing Plans
      • IRAP - How Does It Work?
      • Other Government Programs

      Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jose and Kelsey

      • The Cognilab Story
      • Taking A Leap of Faith
      • The GrowLab Experience
    • Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jayesh Parmar

      • The Picatic Journey
      • Building An A-Team
      • Why Vancouver As Our HQ?
      • Raising Your First Seed Round

      Inbound Marketing: The Future Of Customer Acquisition with Alexandra Skey

      • What Is Inbound Marketing?
      • Inbound Marketing Tools
      • Creating Your Inbound Funnel
    • Team Brainstorming Using The Business Model Canvas with Alex Mason

      • How Does The Business Model Canvas Work?
      • Brainstorming Techniques To Generate New Ideas
      • How To Facilitate A Team Brainstorming Session

      Market & Industry Analysis with Aanchal Dhir

      • Introduction To Industry Analysis
      • Efficient Researching
      • Stats That Matter
      • Market Size Calculation
      • Frameworks For Assessing A Company’s Internal & External Environment
    • Hiring Your First Employee or Contractor with Charlyne Landgraff

      • Hiring Your First Employee
      • Recruiting
      • Best Practices For Interviewing Candidates
      • Payroll And Onboarding
      • Terminating Contracts
      • Hiring Contractors
    • Lean Metrics And Analysis with Ben Komalo

      • How Data Can Help Drive Your Product, And When You Should Use It
      • Basics Of Quick Experimentation And A/B Testing
      • Basics Of Funnels And Conversion Optimization
      • Fostering A Data-Driven Culture In A Team

      Lean Accounting with Ray Walia

      • Why Do I Need to Do Accounting?
      • Understanding The Financial Health of Your Business
      • Getting Your Books In Place
      • Filing T4 Tax
    • The Art Of Pitching with Greg Smith

      • The Importance Of Pitching Your Startup
      • Preparing The Pitch Methods
      • Dealing With Difficult Questions
      • The Winning Slide Deck

      Get Your Story Right: How To Obtain Media Coverage with Amie Rotherham and John Gray

      • What's PR? When Do You Start, And What Qualifies As 'News'?
      • How Do You Handle News? Timing, Building A Media List, How To Craft A Pitch
      • Post-News-- What's Next?
      • Special Session With John Gray: Stories And Experiences With The Startup/Reporter Relationship

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